When to Plant Bluebells


One of the UK’s most well-loved wildflowers. Native to English woodlands, bluebells are one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden, and will delight you for many years to come. To fill your garden with these dainty, little blooms, keep reading and discover how and when to plant bluebells.

English bluebells

When do you plant bluebell bulbs?

The perfect time to plant bluebell bulbs is in the early autumn (September/October time). Plant bulbs at least 10cm deep and 10cm apart, and make sure that the pointed end is facing upwards.

💡 Tip: For a beautiful, natural effect, plant groups of bulbs together with irregular spacing between clumps. 

What about bluebells in the green?

Since these bluebells are further along in the growing process than bulbs, plant ‘in the green’ bulbs is in the spring. Plant at the same depth they were in the ground before (see where the foliage turns from white to green). 

Where can you plant bluebells?

These easy to grow plants are perfect for covering shaded areas due to their ability to withstand dark, damp woodland areas. Plant as ground cover, around shrubs, or naturalise them in lawns.

💡 Tip: Once in flower in the spring, they make great cut flowers for bouquets and vases around the home!

Easy Garden Ideas

Garden with tulips

Looking for some simple ways to spruce up your garden? You can create a gorgeous and functional outdoor space without putting in a ton of hard work. Check out our easy garden ideas to provide you with a wealth of inspiration and enjoy your garden to the fullest.

1. Bring life to those dark, shaded spots


Filling those dark, damp areas in the garden can be a huge struggle. An easy fix is to plant woodland bulbs like Snowdrops and Anemones. These amazing plants are used to surviving in dark, damp locations.

2. Attract wildlife with these simple hacks

Bird bath

Helping your local wildlife out in little ways is so easy and rewarding. To attract birds, place a birdbath in the garden or hang a seed feeder on a garden wall or in a tree/shrub. Also, by putting out fresh feed and water out at least once a week, you will certainly have many local feathered visitors.

3. Grow flowers all season with lasagne planting

Tulips and Muscari flowers

The perfect low maintenance solution to planning a garden display. For a spring garden filled with flowers, layer flower bulbs in pots to grow strikingly colourful displays with very little effort!

💡 Tip – Plant Daffodils, Muscari, and Tulips for beautiful blooms all spring long!

4. DIY relaxation area

Garden bench

You can create a little calming haven in a garden of any size. Create privacy by using pergolas or lattice fencing to build a relaxing space without feeling too enclosed. Add a bench and fragrant herbs/flowers to your space, then relax and enjoy!

5. Plant multi-functional flowers/herbs

Cutting Tulips

So many plants have a multitude of uses. Grow cut flower favourites, such as Tulips and Alliums, to grow your own flowers to use in bouquets and vase displays. For culinary uses, plant berries to make your own homemade, delicious jams and desserts.

💡 Tip – Try growing wild garlic to make your own amazing pesto!

Easy to Grow Bulbs for Spring 2021

Allium Graceful Beauty
Kniphofia Uvaria
Russian Snowdrops