Welcome to J Parkers Blog ……. and other interesting things!

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Welcome to our Blog!

Here you’ll find updates on everything we are doing here at J Parker’s along with some great gardening tips and advice.


A little bit about us….

The Parkers Way back in 1933 Martin Duiker-Parker came from Holland and started a mail order bulb business. He was following the footstep of three generations of his family, all bulb growers and exporters and his son, Chris, and grandsons Paul and Daniel are carrying on this tradition to this very day!


We now have three Garden centers in Manchester and Cheshire and a thriving wholesale department along with our mail order side which now takes order over the web as well as by phone or post.

Have you seen ourJeff How to Videos?

We have a whole series of How Too… Video Guides staring the marvellous Jeff Turner!
Jeff is a plant expert who’s years of experience and boundless enthusiasm are a real treat
for all you gardeners out there be you novice or expert!

How to Plant…..

We are building a comprehensive guide to complement our Videos and Cultural Instructions and How Supplied information. We aim to cover many of the plants we have on offer here at Parker’s so you can expect to see this category growing as we add more products as well as as ideas and advice on garden projects

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Did we miss anything?

If you have any questions or things you would like to see on our website get in touch and we’ll do our best to include your ideas! Please contact us via Facebook or Twitter.