Plant of the Month; Eranthis in the Green (Winter Aconites)

January’s plant of the month is a cheerful, early-flowering bulb that will bring some much needed colour to your garden in these gloomy months.

Also known as Eranthis hyemalis, winter aconites beam a golden glow into the garden at a time when the sun rarely breaks through the clouds. These golden yellow flowers bloom the earliest of all spring flowers and will delight you with vibrant yellow flowers in January and February.

We strongly recommend trying Winter Aconites to kick off your spring display, and they are particularly recommended for rockeries and naturalising. These gorgeous yellow blooms are contrasted by beautiful green foliage, which covers the ground long after the flowers have disappeared.

Although bulb planting season is at an end, there is still time to get some last-minute colour in your garden. If you’re looking out at a wintery garden and can’t wait for spring, consider investing in our Eranthis in the Green available now ready for planting and flowering this year.

Our Eranthis in the Green offer guaranteed pre-grown success from these Eranthis hyemalis, supplied in the green ready to be planted straight in the ground.

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Competition Time: WIN a donation to your local community

Community comp1

Do you have an idea for a project to improve your local area and include your local community? We want to help.

Whether it’s starting an allotment with your neighbours or helping cheer up some local land with spring bulbs, we’d love to hear your best ideas to improve your community with gardening. More than that – we want to help you make it a reality.

Gardening can bring people together and transform a neighbourhood – and here at J. Parker’s we want to support all your hard work. Tell us your idea for your local community and we’ll choose five of our favourites to donate what we can to help make it happen.

Big or small, simply write up your idea in under 250 words, detailing a project that would really help your community and send it to us to by 10th November 2017. Tell us how you would organise your project, how it would help your local area and how a donation of bulbs or plants from J. Parker’s would help.

We want to hear about your community and how our donation could help it thrive. Perhaps you want to raise that community spirit with a big gardening project or regenerate a local area, just tell us why you want to help and how you plan to pull it off and we’ll choose our favourite to support.


  • We will view all entries and any which meet the criteria outlined below will be considered for the prize of a donation of J. Parker’s products to go towards the project outlined in the entry.
  • Three winning entries will receive a donation of bulbs or plants from J. Parker’s for use in their proposed community project
  • Entries should be under 250 words. Images can be used so long as your entry email is less than 5mb in size.
  • Send your entries by email to (please keep your entries under 5mb to ensure we receive them).
  • Entrants agree that their names and stories may be published publicly with their entry. No other details will be shared with any third parties.
  • Entrants agree that, should they be successful, their story and their project may be used in future for coverage on our blog and social channels.
  • All entries using photographs or drawings must be original images, taken/produced by the entrant. You must own all rights to the image and in entering the competition you agree to allow us to use your image in further promotions, on our blog, on social media or in print.
  • The winning entry will be judged on the criteria outlined below. The Judge’s decision is final.
  • The following criteria will be used to judge entries;
    • The idea itself, its practicality and how well it has been outlined by the entrant.
    • How the idea will benefit local communities and environments.
    • The originality of the idea and anything that sets it apart from other entrants.
  • The winners will receive a donation of J. Parker’s products with a value of up to £500 subject to available stock. This will be made up of products of our choosing based on the project described in the entry, cannot be exchanged for cash and there is no substitution for this prize. This donation of products can only be used for the purpose outlined in your entry.
  • All entries will be considered. Competition closes 10th November 2017. Winners will be notified by email before the 20th November 2017.


10 Ways Gardening can Help your Community

Gardening can bring people together and transform a neighbourhood. Here at J. Parker’s, we are big believers in the benefits of a simple bit of gardening, and we’ve gathered some of the best ideas to give you some inspiration.

side banner 1Healthy Living

A community garden patch or allotment can provide fresh, healthy produce for the whole community. From organic vegetables and tasty herbs to juicy fresh fruit, your community garden could be an excellent source of vitality for you and your neighbours.

Growing your own food is incredibly rewarding, and can also boost awareness of healthy diets that can improve your fitness and general well-being.

Provide Activities for Kids

Including children and providing workshops can really do wonders for the kids in your community.

Whether its simply including them in a grander project or setting up something just for them, kids love to get in and get gardening. Why not have them plant a bank of spring Daffodils or decorate a local school.

It might just inspire the next generation of green fingered folk!

Sustainable Living

Gardening in your community can spread the importance of local conservation and environmental awareness. The very attitude of getting out there and making a difference is vitally important and can puts out an extremely positive message.

We have to look after our world, and that starts from the bottom up. Promote recycling, educate people on how to reduce their footprint and get people involved in efforts to spread the word. Getting together to support each other and discuss your work is a wonderful, practical way to really encourage sustainable living changes in your whole community.

Reach out to all areas of your Community

We all love gardening. Its natural, relaxing and good for you. But there are people in your neighbourhood who might find it more difficult to join in. Whether its physical or mental health restrictions, whether young or elderly, you can reach out to these corners of your community and involve them.

This kind of inclusion gives vulnerable or overlooked parts of your community opportunities to contribute in really positive activities.

side banner 2

Learn New Skills

Nothing beats a good, hard day’s work on something that’s important to you. Everyone deserves a chance to experience that, and working on a garden can help develop important skills. You can learn all about plants, the type of soil they prefer, how deep to plant them, and how to care for a garden.

If you’re an advanced gardener, maybe you’d like to give back to your community by giving them practical experience in planting and maintaining a garden.

Transform Land

Of course, the greatest boon of a good garden project is the end result. You can turn a derelict, forgotten area of your local community into a beautiful space you can all be proud of.

From rooftop gardens to forgotten allotments, look for land that is in desperate need of some TLC and find out what you can do to help.

Help Wildlife

Modern life is tough on birds, bees and other wildlife that frequents our garden. Some species are struggling more than others, and this is particularly true in cities and built up areas. You can create an area of land that not only attracts them, but helps them thrive. Be sure to design an area that will really appeal to everything, with plenty of flowers to pollinate or places to hide and nest.