How to Plant | Indoor Amaryllis

Hippeastrum (Amaryllis)





Loved by beginners and experts alike because of their superb flowering potential with minimal effort required! Hippeastrum or Amaryllis bulbs are very easy to plant and will flower indoors during the winter months, producing spectacular showy flowers in a huge range of colours and shapes.


We have a huge range available, below are a few of our favourites, or you can browse our full range HERE.



Indoor flowering Amaryllis make excellent pot plants for indoors and are available in two different bulb sizes – the standard 26cm+ bulbs which will produce two stems per bulb, however for our giant 34cm+ Amaryllis bulb are the largest on the market and will produce three stems per flower bulb.



How to plant – A Visual Guide


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Follow our simple step by step guide here or click on the link below to watch our garden expert Jeff Turner in our video tutorial on planting these winter flowering winter treats!


Jeff video
How to Plant Amaryllis